Monday, August 23, 2010

Knarraville Falls

Me and Beth hiking at Knarraville Falls.

I should really get on the computer more often. The year is already half over. The girls have started a new school year. Harley is a junior, Darci is in 5th grade -her last year at elementary school. Jene' is in 2nd grade. Bethany wishes she were in school.
Barratt has graduated and is just working and getting ready for a mission. Becca is in 9th grade, Bradon in 5th grade and Bo is in 2nd grade.
The Lehi bunch actually start school this week as the Enoch bunch started last Thursday.
This past summer has been a blast. We took the kids to Lagoon. Our friend Margaret came with us and took Beth on all the kid rides. We had so much fun. Brad also took the kids to Seven Peaks water park. They all got lots of sunburn and had fun.
We still have exciting activites coming up. I love that I have a husband that loves to do fun family activities. I'm so blessed!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Brad!!

Today is a wonderful day!
Brad was born!
I just want him to know what an awesome, amazing hubby and daddy he is!
I love him so much!
Thank you Brad for all you do for us!

What A Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
It was an Awesome Christmas! The kids had a blast. I love seeing their faces on Christmas morning. Bradon said this was one of the best Christmas's ever! Wow!
It was fun having a 4 day weekend. Most of all it was wonderful to have Brad home.
We had the most amazing Sacrament Christmas meeting yesterday. Beautiful music and scriptures read. How awesome to be able to feel the spirit so strong through all of church!!
Afterall, Christ is the reason for Christmas. What a wonderful gift our Father in Heaven has given us.
My goals this new year are to continute to give gifts to Him. Temple attendance, read my scriptures, family prayer....and I need to start having Family Home Evening weekly. What a blessing it can be!
I will get some pictures posted on here soon of the kids having fun at Christmas.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Weekend at Mistys

Beth and Emma and Bella --sometimes they would fight over this cute doggy.

Darci, Beth and Bella (Misty's adorable dog)

Emma and Bethany play the piano.

What a fun weekend! The girls and I drove to Ogden to see Misty's new house. It's beautiful! She lives up against the mountain. It snowed all day Sunday! I felt like I was in a cabin in the mountains. It was so peaceful and the kids played all day in the snow! From the second we got there until we left. I had the privilege of going to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert featuring Natalie Cole on Saturday with my sister Jeni and her husband Mike in SLC. That was awesome!!! A guy played an organ solo of a mixture of Christmas songs that got him a standing ovation! It was amazing!

Sunday it snowed all day! We went to church, after having to dig Misty's suburban out of the snow...thanks to Tom and Mike for digging! Every waking moment almost, Darci and Jene' were out playing in the snow. Monday was sunny, thank goodness and I was able to unbury my car and make it home. I got some awesome quality time with my mom and Jeni and Misty. I wish I could have stayed a couple more days. Didn't get much time to visit with my dad but it was good seeing him.
Thank you Tom and Misty for letting us come stay with you!!!

Meanwhile, Brad is enjoying the sunny days in Hawaii. He is having fun with his sisters and parents. What a way to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary! He's been golfing and is hoping to go scuba diving. He misses his family here though and wishes we were there. Us too! I'm just thankful it was possible to send him so he could be there. The girls miss daddy a lot!!!!

Winter Wonderland

Looking out Misty's front door.

Kids' cousin Mason shoveling snow.

What a fun way for Jene' to play in the snow.

Darci taking a dive in the snow. Jene' almost buried in the snow.